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Big Jay Sorensen joins NJRM!!!

Posted by njrm on September 11, 2010




8 September 2010

With immediate effect, well-known WCBS-FM Air Personality and Broadcast Executive BIG JAY SORENSEN has confirmed his appointment as South Jersey Vice President for the Dover, Morris County-based New Jersey Radio Museum (NJRM). NJRM has become a labor of love for all involved, and will serve as a statewide repository for all things related to New Jersey radio, including hardware (equipment), advertising and promotional paper, program and engineering logs as well as recorded airchecks and interviews with radio figures of the past and present. Approximately ten years ago, NJRM had its genesis amongst a group of North Jersey radio veterans who perceived the fast-changing local radio scene, and wished to archive what had made the medium a great local/live resource over the years. Early on, the executive committee decided that their mission would be the preservation of radio from across the entire state. It is with great pleasure that the NJRM announces the appointment of nationally known Big Jay Sorensen as its South Jersey Vice President. NJRM Co-Founder and Chair Carl VanOrden characterized Sorensen as a highly knowledgeable, recognizable, well-liked, enthusiastic and creative radio idea man with the drive it will take to coherently pull together all geographical corners of NJ radio history, its people and places that have made it uniquely special to so many listeners who rely on their local stations for vital details in their daily lives. NJRM has, of late, been involved in building-in its headquarters on West Blackwell Street in Dover from which it hopes to display unique artifacts and conduct interviews and live demonstrations of what it takes to produce traditional radio programming without over-reliance on automated 21st century technology. The Museum has already conducted successful personality-driven theatrical fundraisers as well as road shows featuring classic broadcasts that were New Jersey based or themed, such as Orson Welles’ original War of the Worlds and Herbert Morrison’s WLS radio coverage of the Hindenberg disaster. As a longer-range goal, NJRM has hopes of encouraging young aspirants toward higher education through scholarships and broadcast-related career goals. The website, now under construction, may be found at

Richard K. Phoenix, RMC
NJRM President


3 Responses to “Big Jay Sorensen joins NJRM!!!”

  1. Hey Big Jay! This HAS to be right in your wheelhouse! Have fun collecting and organizing! Hope to make it to Dover sometime to see the museum!

  2. Ted Roberts said

    My Dad, Jerry Roberts, was a popular DJ at WAAT in Newark in the 40’s & 50’s. Dad also did a regular broadcast from Frank Daley’s Meadowbrook, headed AFTRA’s Credit Union and held other AFTRA offices. I hope to see your site expanded and wish your venture the best!
    My Dad’s extensive collection of 78s may be available (gratis), should the organization be interested—let me know, if you are.

  3. Mary Shaw said

    Jay is great, I wish him and the staff Best of Luck!!! 🙂 I hope to visit someday!!!

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