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New Jersey Radio Oral/Aural History Project

Posted by njrm on January 16, 2011

New Jersey Radio Museum (NJRM) has identified a unique, unprecedented project applying directly to the Garden State and its radio history — A New Jersey Radio Oral/Aural History.

Following the trend of families recording their elders’ narratives of family history, NJRM representatives are now reaching out to record one-on-one interviews with the individuals who have made their mark in New Jersey radio as presenters (air personalities), newscasters, practitioners, technicians, developers of successful stations, as inventors or theorists whose ideas resulted in on-air programming that broke new ground or simply uniquely served the audience in the public interest, convenience or necessity.

These recorded interviews will be archived with a growing library of airchecks of historic New Jersey radio events. The interviews and airchecks will become available on-line and at NJRM’s Dover headquarters at a future date.

NJRM professionals are now reaching out to colleagues and individuals to expedite Aural/Oral History interviews. Those wishing to become involved with the project as interviewees or to recommend specific individuals are encouraged to contact us and will be granted the ability to post.

One Response to “New Jersey Radio Oral/Aural History Project”

  1. Lauren carter said

    Hia! My name is Lauren C Carter (Candi) for short,lol and I was wondering if you have any air play of my Dad? Gas prices are getting so high here.. My Dad was Bo Weaver… I know he got in trouble for what he did back hmmm 2 years before I was born but, I didn’t even realize I was following in my Dad’s tracks until my uncle got my message on facebook about going on strike and not buying gas for, just a day tomorrow 3/9/2011. I sent a message to get around to everyone.. I have told this story to my friends and was wondering if you could help me get my Dad’s voice heard once more.. He died in 1993. PLease contact me if you have any information, or if you can.. Thank You So very much,
    Candi Carter

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