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NJRM’s Frank Cipolla’s “It Shocked Even Us!”

Posted by njrm on April 19, 2011




Veteran news broadcaster Frank Cipolla parts the curtains to reveal all the behind the scenes shenanigans in your local TV newsroom in his new book

“It Shocked Even Us!”

Frank recounts the wonderful journey from his early days in small market radio to realizing his dream as a local TV news reporter and anchor in the nation’s largest market. Along the way he works beside all the great radio, TV and news personalities of the day including Don Imus, Alan Colmes, Howard Stern, Rolland Smith, Soupy Sales, Doctor Frank Field and many, many more.

He also encounters the famous and the not so famous celebrities while being exposed to the news media’s oversized egos, laughable station owners and a collection of friends he could only dream of knowing.

“It Shocked Even Us!” is a funny and touching romp through the local TV news kitchen where the sausage is made.

A portion of the proceeds from “It Shocked Even Us!” will also go to the ‘Broadcasters Foundation of America’ which provides financial help to broadcasters in need because of critical illness, advanced age, accident or other serious misfortune.

Frank’s book is available May15 with a promotional tour to follow including appearances on WNBC-TV, Fox Radio, “Better Connecticut”, WTNH-TV, WCTC-AM, WRNJ-AM and other TV and radio stations around the country.

Even though it will be officially launched May 15th – you can buy it now!

Click “Buy Now” for purchase.

Buy it now on Lulu

For a promotional copy and to book Frank call Contacts Media




Frank Cipolla is an award winning news broadcaster who has been seen and heard on major market and network TV and radio for more than 30 years – most recently as an anchor and reporter at Channel 9 in NYC. Frank is currently an anchor at the Wall Street Journal Radio Network and is heard on more than 300 stations coast to coast. He lives in New Jersey with his wife.


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